We also emphasise certain behavioural traits by making them into repeated mantras - "I can do it", "I can try", "We build, not break", "you don't fail, you learn", amongst others.
"One north star for us is that we want a relationship with each of our kids. Parenting is not just a training ground for them to be good, productive or…
"Good enough parenting. Parenting is hard. Don't beat yourself up over it."
“Strong marriage leads to a strong family. It’s like how we see strong leaders lead to a strong company!”
“Nature has made kids a lot more durable than parents often think they are. Don't worry too much. ”
"Your life is right now, today. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. And all of what is past, is gone. Spend time with your kids "today", not "this weekend" or…
“..discipline, accountability but also give them enough room to grow socially to become an independent thinker.”
Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. Based in Singapore, I’m a product manager at Lazada responsible for designing a great logistics…
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